Safety Focus

911 Pest Control focuses on the SAFE use of all baiters, traps and exclusion methods to ensure the safety of your home, family and pets.

Snap traps

Snap TrapThe Snap Trap has been the most popular type of mouse trap for over a century. To use these traps, just set a U-shaped bar into position with a spring mechanism, which gets triggered once the mouse takes the bait. Peanut butter is the top choice for bait, but some snap traps come “pre-baited,” for added convenience.
Snap Traps also considered humane because they work by killing a mouse instantly without prolonged suffering.
Children and pets can get hurt if they come in contact with a snap trap and accidentally trigger the spring mechanism. However, 911 Pest Control technicians can set up a Covered Snap Trap and take care to place your traps in inaccessible locations to prevent injury.

Glue Traps/Glueboards

Glue TrapUsing a sticky surface to catch unwanted pests, Glue Traps provide effective rodent control with no setting or bait.
When used as directed, non-toxic proprietary glue securely contains even heavy mice. The disposable mouse Glue Traps are safe for use around food, water, children and pets when used as directed.
Children and pets can’t get injured or get sick by accidentally coming in contact with Glue Traps because these traps don’t contain any pesticides or other dangerous chemicals. To prevent this problem, some glue traps can be assembled to form a protective tent.

Live Traps

Live TrapLive Traps don’t kill or harm mice. We use a live trap to capture a mouse in your place and then release it outside.
Live Traps are the most humane choice because they involve capturing a mouse to remove it from your house without causing harm.

Exterior Bait Stations

Exterior BaiterKeeping mice and rats out of your structure is the best method of control and will eliminate damage and disease that come along with them.
The most effective way to control mice and rats is to place tamper proof Exterior Bait Stations out doors, on all sides of the house. We will anchor the stations to the ground using long screws or rods, and if on concrete, 911 Pest Control technicians use concrete anchor screws, or construction adhesive. Securely anchor the bait inside the station using the supplied anchor rods.
Children or others cannot open the Exterior Bait Stations, without the supplied special “key.” The bait stations protect the bait from the weather, pets, children and desirable wildlife.
Professionals from 911 Pest Control have successfully used Exterior Bait Stations for a number of years. Our personal experience has proven time and again that a comprehensive approach to rodent control starts with the Exterior Bait Station. It takes advantage of the natural behaviour mice display. They are securely placed along the perimeter of the building, where mice naturally explore looking for an entrance, shelter and food. Exterior Bait Stations offer all 3, so we can control the population before they enter your structure.

Interior Baiters

Interior BaiterInterior Baiter is a mouse-size bait station, monitoring tool and snap trap holder — all 3 in 1. The mouse bait station is a tamper-resistant bait station that automatically locks when closed, keeping bait away from children and non-target animals. With angled entry holes, it fits flush against a wall or in a corner where mice travel. The interior baffles lead mice to the bait.