Silverfish control Vancouver

The Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) is a small insect with a long, slender, flattened body measuring from ½ to 1 inch in length. It derives its name from the light grey and blue coloring which can shimmer and look silvery as it moves across surfaces in a fish-like manner.

Silverfish like humid areas of moderate temperature and are especially fond of kitchen cupboards, basements, laundry rooms, closets, and under bathroom sinks.

Silverfish can certainly be a nuisance and cause damage. Their source of food can be anything that contains starch or polysaccharides. Cellulose can also be consumed by Silverfish which means that areas like baths, showers and sinks are targets for Silverfish looking for the cellulose in shaving foams, shampoos and other personal products. They may consume or stain foods, fabric, paper, books, or wallpaper. Damage to these items is significant.

Getting rid of Silverfish can be a difficult task as they are generally nocturnal and can move about the entire property in search of food and a place to nest. They do not hibernate so they can be active all year round.

Due to the nature of Silverfish, they can be extremely elusive pests, hiding in cracks, crevices, baseboards, and under floors. The fact that they eat everyday items also makes it very difficult to prevent them from damaging your property.

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Residential SILVERFISH Control Fees 

                                        (All prices included FREE follow-up visits, if covered)

SILVERFISH CONTROL (1-level Basic Fee) ………………………………………..… $99.00 

SILVERFISH CONTROL (2-levels, if needed)………..….…………………………… $144.00

SILVERFISH CONTROL (2-levels & a basement) …………………………….…..… $189.00 

*Add another $25 if your house size is greater than 3000 sq/ft


  • All Silverfish Control Services include FREE follow-up visits and a 8-month warranty
  • Warranty do NOT apply to outdoor treatment, attached units, rooms or apartments – unless we service ALL units


How To Prepare Infested Areas

For Silverfish Treatment

There is preparation need prior to the technician’s arrival. This preparation of silverfish infested areas is important and must be done once you booked an appointment with us.
The preparation for silverfish treatment is relatively easy to accomplish:


  • For faster and better result please vacuum up a flooring around baseboards and remove any powder or repellent that was previously placed to try of removing the insect activity
  • Empty the areas underneath the sink in the kitchen(s) or the bathroom(s)
  • Remove items from kitchen cabinets and closets that have insect problems
  • And finally, any furniture and all your personal belongings (books, shoes, toys, DVD’s, magazines, etc.) that can be moved should be moved at least 12 -16 inches away from the walls to allow more precise spray application on the baseboards, corners, cracks, crevices, etc.



What should I expect after SILVERFISH treatment?

Depending on the infestation, it is possible that immediately following treatment you will notice heavier activity than usual. It is NORMAL, as the pests have been flashed out from the harborage areas.

Be patient! It is important to note that this is a passive treatment and it takes time and patience for the treatment to be effective. It can take between two to three weeks before you no longer see silverfish. It is so because silverfish are affected only when they come into contact with treated surfaces.

What do I do after the treatment?

Do NOT mop or vacuum near the baseboards.

Do NOT wash the treated areas as long as possible (at least for 4-7 WEEKS after the initial spray, or even longer if the infestation level is severe), please allow for treatment to gain effective control!

Are the chemicals you use dangerous?

As part of our Integrated Pest Management approach to your service we will always select the product with the lowest toxicity to get the job done effectively.

The products we select for use inside your home are the same as those registered for use in hospitals child care centres and food manufacturing areas.

I have asthma and I am highly allergic…

Pesticide development in recent years has seen great advances in safety for asthma sufferers. The no odor – low toxicity – water based formulations are unlikely to trigger an attack. If your asthma is particular severe or you have a history of general sensitivity to pesticides or cleaning products we would however ask that you vacate the premises for at least 6-12 hours after the treatment.


Please remember: to ensure eradication of silverfish from your residence it is a combined effort between you and your pest control technician.

Thank you!

We look forward to helping you with any of your residential or commercial pest control needs!