Attic Cleanup

attic cleanup

Noises in your attic?

They not only cause distress and anxiety but are also a strong indication that rodents or other wildlife have taken up residence in your roof space. In particular, attics are the perfect environment for Roof Rats, Squirrels, Birds or Racoons.

Rodents can do significant damage to items stored in your attic while their constant gnawing can damage the structure of your home and can even be a fire hazard if electric cabling is gnawed. Their droppings and urine are known to transmit a number of diseases, including Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Salmonellosis and in the case of deer mice, Hantavirus.

The cause of the noise should be investigated as soon as possible because the nests and droppings of these pests become ideal breeding sites for insects which then carry disease into your home. Rodent urine, droppings and other contamination pose a health hazard that has to be remedied quickly.

Attic cleanup service includes:

  • Inspection of your attic for visible signs of habitation by rodents or other wildlife
  • Set up traps to remove rats or wildlife invaded your attic
  • Seal off all entry points, openings and gaps upon roof line with flashing and galvanized mesh for pest exclusion
  • Remove contaminated and infested insulation and any debris and feces that is left behind by the critters using a HEPA vacuum cleaner
  • Treat the infected space with disinfectant and deodorizing spray which kills all germs in the area
  • Install fresh new energy-efficient insulation with proper R-value

In 911 Pest Control we believe that if you’re thinking of selling your home or just increasing its value, investing in a properly insulated, clean attic becomes a great selling feature!